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Raccoon River Flood Gate

Location 63rd Street | Des Moines, Iowa
  • Project
    • Two 20-Foot Floodgates for the Racoon River Floodwall
    • $320,000
  • Services
    •  Structural Design
    • Construction Review

During the floods of 1993, the floodwater breached the Raccoon River Floodwall at the opening for the railroads.  These openings were previously closed with temporary earth berms and sand bags.  The new floodgates provide a more secure means of closing the opening.  The gates can be closed much quicker and can be opened faster to get railroad back in operation.

Steel piling were driven to support the large concrete footing and concrete walls.  The walls were connected to the existing Raccoon River wall system.  Large metal gates were constructed on large hinges that can be swung shut to close the opening.  The metal gates are balanced so that one person can push them shut.  Neoprene strips on the metal gates seal the water after the gates are locked in place.

The new floodgates should help protect the city and residents for many years.